The Deep Blue Clarity#Writephoto

WE are bound to the land, though our souls long for the deep blue

WE are drawn to it, pulled by memories buried deep in our DNA

WE linger on the sand, our toes curling, grasping for purchase

WE wade into the white froth, each step a homecoming

WE are fearless as we dive into the aqua waves, eyes open

WE  undulate, borne by liquid love, free of gravity at last.



The Time Slip Castle #WritePhoto

Never before, have I been to this castle

yet I seem to know it

the sounds, the smells,

The voices,  I’ve heard in my dreams

the past pulls at me

I touch a cold, stone wall

time slips, and I find myself there

a ghost among ghosts

I reach out, grasping air

Time folds back, I am here and now

Yet, the memories remain

both sweet and bitter






#WritePhoto The Language of Trees

Trees speak to us

In the bursting green of buds

In the rustle of leaves

In the sway of branches

In the changing of colors

In the life-giving essence

we breathe

In the billowing shade

we shelter

In the roots spreading

Deep and wide

Connecting to nature

And to us

All for one and one for all

The living planet

Are we listening?