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They were wrong. All of them. The deniers and the politicians, all were wrong. The scientists, denigrated for their audacity to speak truth to power, were far too late with their warnings.

Our demise had long been written in our carbon footprints.

Viewed from space, the earth is a living, breathing entity suspended in an endless sea of night, inhaling and exhaling with a blue and green set of lungs.

Is the earth sentient? Perhaps. It has defended itself from debris flung from the cosmos. When volcanoes spewed molten lava creating dense clouds that blocked the sun, it held its breath while all other living things perished. And we humans? We are the most malignant of cancers. The earth defends itself from us and rightly so.

Malice or retribution is not the earth’s intention. The earth is not evil or benign. It just is. It survives. Will we?

Lore Weavers: Coyote Tales…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Coyote is a Native American culture hero, buffoon, and trickster figure who mixes animal and human traits to mostly comic, often catastrophic, and sometimes salutary effect.


The world in which Coyote moves can be conceived as a parallel to the Aboriginal Australian Dreaming and to the worlds of most other early indigenous mythological story cycles and systems including those which are native to our own shores.

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#WritePhoto The Language of Trees

Trees speak to us

In the bursting green of buds

In the rustle of leaves

In the sway of branches

In the changing of colors

In the life-giving essence

we breathe

In the billowing shade

we shelter

In the roots spreading

Deep and wide

Connecting to nature

And to us

All for one and one for all

The living planet

Are we listening?

March Wrap Up

The perfect Review: To the point opinions with clarifications.

Wrap Up (2)# of Books Read: 12

# of Pages Read: 3,559

Favourite Book(s) of the Month: The Nickel Boys, The Bride Test, Daisy Jones and the Six

A Serial Killer’s Daughter by Kerri Rawson


I enjoy when books are told from an interesting perspective. I appreciated that Kerri Rawson was so open and willing to share her story. We do not often think of the serial killer’s family, but they themselves are often victims in their own way. She is inspiring in a lot of ways. I liked that she was looking back at her childhood in hindsight. There are things her dad did that seem obviously twisted to us now, but it is hard to see when you are living it. I do wish I had read a book about BTK and his crimes before I picked this one up. I do not know a lot about him, and A…

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Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Kaufman and Kristoff make a great writing team. By the way, the cover is wonderful for YA SCFI-FANTASY

Grumpy Book Grrrl

They’re not the heroes we deserve. They’re just the ones we could find. Nobody panic.

Release date: May 7, 2019. Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers.

If Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and The Breakfast Club had a baby…this would be it. The cast of characters…

  • Tyler Jones (Alpha)
  • Scarlett Jones (Diplomacy)
  • Aurora O’Malley (Girl Out of Time)
  • Kal Gilwraeth (Weapons)
  • Cat Brannock (Pilot)
  • Zila Madran (Science Officer)
  • Finian de Seel (Gearhead)
  • Magellan (The Wal-Mart version of Siri/Alexa in the year 2380)

I won’t go into the plot except to say that this is about a ragtag crew of new graduates of Aurora Academy who reluctantly have to save the galaxy after some spoilery stuff happens. And then some more awesome spoilery stuff happened – and the book ended. Not to worry, this is only book one in The Aurora Cycle trilogy!

This book has become one of my…

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