In Search of History 2.0

29edf6e7cf452805e848d7975308c1f9  150 years ago, this is how we were treating immigrants.. History repeating itself….

Starving and apparently, disease ridden, these immigrants were seeking refuge from the their home country. Many Americans rebelled against this. They were afraid they would take American Jobs and strain the Welfare system. They were thought to bring crime with them and they were thought to be rapists. But worst of all, they were the despised Irish….

In Search of History

29edf6e7cf452805e848d7975308c1f9 June 17, 1930 President Hoover signed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Bill, ushering in a new era of protectionsim/isolationism. The Republican sponsored bill placed tariff’s on minerals, chemicals, textiles and farm goods.  These tariff’s amplified the emerging American Depression that lasted until we entered WWII in 1942. ~~~


Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Is.


LM Montgomery’s “Green Gables” at Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia is the most stunning place. Miles of picturesque farms and surrounding sea is a feast for the eyes. We stayed in Charlottetown which is a wonderful place for walking tours and shopping, not to mention the coastal restaurants where lobster rolls melt in your mouth!

FullSizeRender (9)

This is the bedroom where LM Montgomery imagined the stories for her novels. Maud (without an e) Montgomery insisted, lived with her grandparents on their farm. She spent much of her time isolated from her peers, but her imagination soared.  The copper colored dress at the closet door was one Maud actually wore.


This is the path leading to the haunted woods where Maud and her imaginary friend, Anne, (with an e, Anne insisted) walked on her way to the school house.

The lands surrounding the farm are strikingly beautiful and just a short trek through the woods to the ocean.

FullSizeRender (7)

This is the dining room inside of Green Gables, restored to the way it would have looked when Maud lived there.

Prince Edward Island is a place I hope to visit again. The ferry ride alone was worth the trip with views to the coastal island and Nova Scotia. And the lobster rolls on board were to die for. I’m a big fan nowadays of Lobster Rolls.

(If you have read the novels or  have seen the movie versions, you’ll understand the references to ‘e’)

More to come about Halifax, Nova Scotia…

White Point Lodge, Nova Scotia


We stayed a week at White Point, and it was such a wonderful place to vacation. The lodge is so spacious and the food is delicious, especially the breakfast buffet.

We had our own bungalow with a large fireplace and a large flat screen. Cool! Though we didn’t spend much time watching TV as there was so much to do and see.

Rabbits run free and they are so friendly. In fact, there is a sign posted to be aware of rabbit crossings.

The weather was still cool and many of the trees had yet to green up, but the birch trees stood like bare sentinels from out side our deck. Hiking is a must and we took trails that led directly to the ocean.  I highly recommend this wonderful vacation place. ~~~



Vacationing in Nova Scotia


Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

This is a beautiful coastal town we visited this week.  So many art galleries, book stores and other shops.  Great food.

The indigenous people are the Mi’Kmaq Indians who settled in Nova Scotia about 10,000 years ago after the glaciers retreated some 13,000 years ago.  In the 1500’s French Acadians (Catholics) fisherman and fur traders settle here and fought alongside the Indians against the British.  But, by the mid 1700’s, peace was obtained with the “Burying the Hatchet Ceremony.

More on Nova Scotia to come…..

Funny, Ironic and Supernatural


I’ve totally gotten hooked on The Charley Davidson series., and getting ready to read book 8 ! It’s funny, scary, ironic, sexy and Charley is one of the most irreverent, supernatural protagonist’s I’ve ever encountered. She’s a youngish Private Eye who sees dead people and helps them cross over.. and she’s in love with a hunk who may or may not be evil…but he’s so in love with her…
She’s smart and goofy, but her heart is in the right place…
I’m having fun reading the series and I will keep reading until the ultimate end…

The Burning World, by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies      51VUY75hYgL

The Burning World is the sequel to Warm Bodies, and it continues with R struggling to fully embrace his humanity but being human is not easy and his memories of his past life are elusive at best. As with Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion’s prose and rich storytelling keep the reader engaged throughout.

Julie and Nora are more fully developed and M is reclusive, but on his way to being a more evolved zombie, while other zombies remain dazed and confused about this new life they are trying to reenter.

As if life for zombies and humans alike isn’t hard enough, enter the Axiom Corporation. These humans seem to be brain-washed minions who want to restore order to the world by any means possible. They are really creepy and dangerous.

The world becomes even more dangerous as reality sets in for R, Julie, M  and Nora and they decide to escape Axiom and head out into the unknown and fractured world.

The final installment to the series is The Living, due out soon I hope. As in Warm Bodies, Isaac’s imagined world seems to be a metaphor of our own world. We wander without knowing where we are going, or why. Our daily routines click in in a robotic way as we wait for that proverbial light bulb to illuminate, to answer the enduring questions: Why are we here and what’s it all about.